Pairing an Apple TV device to your Seed account

Follow these instructions to pair a new or existing Seed device to your account.

Where to find your device's Access Code

  1. Open the Seed TV app on your Apple TV.
    (Click here if you need help installing the app)
  2. If your device is unpaired, it will display your Access Code a few seconds after opening the app.

How to generate a new Access Code

If your device is already paired, here is how to unpair and generate a new Access Code:

  1. Open the Seed TV Menu app on the Apple TV.

  2. On the AppleTV Remote, press the Play/Pause Button six times.

  3. Select “Setup Your Menu” and you will be given a new 5-digit Access Code.

  4. On your web browser, log in to Seed Manager and go to TV Menu > Pair Devices.

  5. Enter the 5-digit Access Code shown on your Apple TV. The Seed TV Menu app will refresh and update within a few minutes.

How to pair a Seed device 

  1. Log in to your Seed Manager account on your web browser.
  2. Go to TV Menu > Pair Devices
  3. Enter the Access Code from your Seed TV app and enter a device nickname.
  4. Click the "Pair Device" button. The device will take a few seconds to pair with your account.
  5. Once paired, your TV will display your available TV Channels to choose from.