Scheduling Media and Product playlists

Product Playlists and Media playlists can now be set to play on specific days or recur weekly.

Schedule Media Playlists
  1. Go to TV Menu > Media Playlists.
  2. Select a Media Playlist from the left sidebar.
  3. Under "Edit Media" find the image or video you want to schedule.
    (Click here if you need help adding images or videos)
  4. On the right side of the row, click on the "Everyday" button to open a new window.
  5. All days are selected by default. Click on any day of the week to select or deselect it. 
  6. Click "Save" button to save the content schedule for this media item.


Schedule Product Playlists

  1. Go to TV Menu > Product Playlists.
  2. Under Schedule, select "Edit" to make changes.
  3. By default, playlists are scheduled to play everyday. Set the playlist to run on menus on certain days or leave to run everyday.
  4. Continue with selecting filtering parameters for your playlist.
  5. When adding playlists to a channel, the playlist will reflect the schedule that was set.
    If no schedule is listed, then it was left to play everyday.