Installing Seed on Android tablets

Follow these steps to install the Seed app on Android tablets.

If you have previously set up the tablet you will need to factory reset it before following these instructions. If this is not an option for you, please contact us for support!

1) Turn on the tablet
by pressing holding the top button on the right side (button position may vary depending on tablet model).

On the very first screen, you’ll see “Start” and an arrow.

Tap 6 times in a row anywhere on the middle of the screen to open the QR Code reader (DO NOT tap on “Start”).

3) Follow the prompt to connect to your wifi network.

4) After connecting, the tablet will install any necessary updates and then the QR code app will open. Scan the QR code below with the camera.

5) Agree to the “Set up your device” terms and tap next at the bottom.

The tablet will now enter a blue screen and start the setup process.

7) When the screen says “Connected”, you can click the physical home button on the bottom of the tablet. The Seed app will begin installing.

Open the Seed app and enter the PIN provided by our support team.
This tablet is now set up with Seed!